Bradley Cooper just took out Jake Gyllenhaal for a Best Actor Oscar nomination this morning. It’s his 3rd Oscar nomination in a row. This is what happens when you work with Clint Eastwood.

Last week, I wrote an article called “Dark Horse Bradley Cooper”. Because even though Coop hasn’t been as visible on the campaign circuit as others, since he’s on Broadway in The Elephant Man (which certainly didn’t hurt his perceived gravitas), he had some rather influential people working on his behalf. His friend Leonardo DiCaprio was supporting him at various events. Ben Affleck too. Jonah Hill was tweeting. In combination with the Eastwood influence, the result was more for Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper has some game then, non? Bradley Cooper is a major player in the secret passageways of the Hollywood men’s club.

Here he is at the American Sniper premiere the other night.

PS. Joanna predicted this back in November! Click here.