Maria just emailed me wondering if Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio share the same lawyer. The two are good friends, as you know. And they both date models, as you know. And now they’re both suing French magazine Oops! Leo is suing Oops! for making up a story about him knocking up Rihanna. Oops! has admitted that they were total bullsh-t on that. Now Coop is suing Oops! for reporting that he and Irina Shayk are in a relationship, taking advantage of France’s favourable privacy laws towards celebrities. It doesn’t work the same way, as we’ve seen, in North America. So he wants $12,500 in damages. Not that much money where he’s concerned.

But it’s the principle! This is invasive and it needs to stop!


As I wrote in the initial post about Leo’s lawsuit, nobody who speaks English as a first language has ever heard of Oops! They both just made their respective stories and relationships even bigger…and it’s not like this will have an effect on the reporting in the American publications which drive most of the gossip anyway.

But it’s about making a point!

OK, what’s the point? You don’t want anyone talking about you dating a girl who’s been accused of hanging out with Sepp Blatter? Is that what this is about?