Oscars Most Supportive: Bradley Cooper

Duana Posted by Duana at February 25, 2013 19:03:36 February 25, 2013 19:03:36

Yes, I agree with most of you that BCoop looked kind of greasy, and not in the good way, with his hair all slicked back. But, unlike many, I’m a fan of the beard. Not just stubble, but a nice few days of mountain man. So he was already in my good books, even though it looked like it was going to be a tiny beard ponytail at one point.

But he arrived at the event knowing he wasn’t going to win,  didn’t win, and proceeded to be the most adorable support for Jennifer Lawrence that we got to see (since the cutaways to people we care about were almost non-existent), even as De Niro and Jacki Weaver looked pleased, but tired, more than anything. He wasn’t even welling up all emotional, he was just straight up happy for her. Sitting up like a puppy!

It shouldn’t be such a big deal, to have a costar be happy and supportive instead of pouty about his own bad luck, but I think it’s actually completely rare, and it made him shoot up much higher in my estimation, and I kind of liked him to begin with. Maybe it was having his mother by his side that made him such a polite boy, but it mattered, and I liked it. So there.

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