The Obamas hosted French President Francois Hollande last night at the White House. Bradley Cooper was invited because…I dunno…he speaks French very well? His date, disappointingly, was not his mother. More and more and more Coop is being seen, publicly and comfortably, with Suki Waterhouse. Holding hands, in the presence of photographers, smiling…



Don’t you prefer this over the alternative?

I prefer Suki’s hair over what she did at the SAGs, oh my God. Click here, look at it again. What the F-CK?! I still don’t understand. I will never understand.

Christine sent me an email earlier today about Coop and Suki, recalling that last year, during award season, when people kept trying to convince us that there was something between Coop and Jennifer Lawrence, his answer back was always, no, no, I’m a brother to her, she’s too young. FYI Jennifer Lawrence is actually older than Suki. The older broads are a pain in the ass though, non? Totally. This is Leonardo DiCaprio’s secret.