Just came back from a press screening for The A-Team. Will post a full review on Friday but early thoughts: Jacek liked it and I enjoyed so much the full two hours of Bradley Cooper, holy f-cking quiver guess who’s now #1 on the Freebie 5?

Face is a cocky son of a bitch with a sh-t eating grin, the hottest hair in the business of blowing things up, and a really, really great wardrobe. The way he fills out his waffle shirts, the pants are perfect, and there’s a shot of him in a turtleneck and a leather jacket that is almost too f-cking much. Mostly though, it’s Coop’s attitude, the swagger of the classic sexy asshole you can’t help taking your pants off for.

In real life, yes, it’s just that easy for him too. Put it this way, while you may have a cousin who heard from a bartender who’s f-cking a hairstylist who works with a colorist who says Coop is on the gay scene, I have slamdunk confirmation that when he’s with a woman, he’s very much WITH a woman. He is however a total dick. So even though he’s topped this list, there’s probably no chance he’s making it to the other one.

Here’s Coop in New York today promoting The A-Team on the morning round and then hooking up with Renee Zellweger and family in the afternoon. Just look at her shoes. Don’t look anywhere else, keep your eyes on the shoes. Because her face will hurt you as much as her bones.

Photos from Doug Meszler/PPNY / GSNY/Splashnewsonline.com