Bradley Cooper was papped on the set of the upcoming David O Russell movie with perm rollers in his head. He's previously mentioned that he was trying out a perm for a role. I suppose that's why his hair looked so sh-t during award season. But worth it, right? David O Russell directed Coop to his first Oscar nomination in Silver Linings Playbook. Could happen again, right? Especially since he's messing with his hair! It's like how Bale messed around with his in The Fighter. And Matthew McConaughey's weight loss in the upcoming The Dallas Buyers Club. Totally the same level of physical transformation. It just depends on how you sell it.

Imagine what the publicity around this film might look like?

Bradley's follicle sacrifice!

How Bradley's hair suffered for art!

Bradley endured hours and hours of eye-stinging perm solution for his career-best role!

They are fully capable of this in Hollywood. You know this.