Divorced and thriving – not that I’m pro-split or anything but in both their cases, it was undeniably a good thing, spiritually AND physically. Here are Whitney and Halle at the Carousel of Hope Ball at the weekend, both looking divine, both celebrating post-divorce freedom…especially Whitney. The rehab bloat seems to have receded, the sparkle is back, hopefully the voice is back as well, and as we all know, Clive Davis is pushing for the Comeback to end all comebacks…even more astounding than Mariah’s bounce and flounce after the Glitter breakdown. Pray Goddess – let it be so. Being a child of the 80s, I will always, always sing my Chinese balls off in the car whenever Whitney comes on. Can you hear it? I get so emotional baby! Every time I think of you…woo woo, I get so emotional baby – ain’t it shocking what…Love can do – woo woo. Source