It was a summit of campaign experts yesterday as Brange met with President Obama in the Oval Office. They were invited by the President to discuss Angelina Jolie’s movie In The Land Of Blood And Honey. A photographer just happened to be outside, waiting for the right shot. You know, because it’s not like there’s great security around the White House or anything.

It’s wonderful that the Jolie directed a movie that merited the President’s interest enough to result in a meeting. It’s important, especially during Oscar campaign season, that as many people know about this as possible.


What have I always said? No one sells it quite like these two. They are The Best.

In other Angelina news - you can livechat with her today! Click here for more details. Very clever, non? Balancing high and low sales moves - it’s a very smart strategy. And you know how else she’s been hustling? I heard she’s been personally calling up members of the HFPA. Just a friendly, casual chat. And you know the HFPA. They’re the sycophants who somehow found a way to nominate The Tourist last year. Imagine their reaction then, with the Jolie on the phone? It’s a high that would last for days. For as long as it would take, she hopes, to fill out their ballots.