For some.

This is called Brangelina Forever. Daniel Edwards, the same dude who created the sculpture of Britney giving birth, has puked out another masterpiece inspired by Pitt Porn. The piece is currently on display at some rich man’s house in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City is where the Alba Bitch decided to defile a United Way billboard. Not a suggestion or anything…

Apparently Brangelina Forever is supposed to promote passion and fertility. It’s been jizz sprayed with the DNA of the Brange in the form of crushed wine glasses they supposedly used to celebrate their first anniversary. Click here if you need to know more.

What I need to know is the meaning of the dove. That dove is me wanting to watch them have sex. F-ck the art.

And while that Ian Halperin book keeps trying to make scandalous headlines, the Brange stepped out in public for a second time this week in support of Clint Eastwood last night at the LA premiere of Invictus just named to the NBR Top 10 List for which Clint also received a Best Director acknowledgment and Morgan Freeman, as Nelson Mandela, shared Best Actor with George Clooney.

Angelina is tight with Clint. And when Clint wants to sell something, he makes sure his friends come out to support him. Even Maddox.

Yes. Maddox.

This marks the first time, out of womb, that one of the Brange kids has walked the carpet with them. Good move. Serves so many purposes. Obviously creates buzz for Eastwood. Also for Invictus, a film our kids can learn from, and finally, the united family front. Let’s trot our oldest out, show the world that it’s solid up in the JP household.

Well played, well played.

But again…

Her styling is FOR SH-T.

Hate the hair. So much. And that shawl. It exhausts me. Brad knows about fashion. How can he stand to look at her like this?

See more photos of the Brange and Maddox cavorting with Clint here.

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