The Brangelunacy… you think it’s an exaggeration? As illustrated by those idiots who crashed the first class cabin to get autographs from the Twilight kids on a flight from Toronto to LA, shame is dying a rapid death.

There is no shame.

And there is no end to the embarrassment. I mean…these are ADULTS. On national television. And now available to everyone onYouTube.

So Brad Pitt was on Oprah yesterday. Haven’t watched yet, it’s on PVR. Anyway, for some reason, Opes is all over Skype these days. And she brought on a fan via Skype who was hellbent on asking Brad about his tattoos, only he didn’t want to talk about them. So SHE decided to talk about them. On his behalf. Even as he squirmed in his seat.

Watch with your hands over your eyes. Extreme discomfort ahead.

Also make note of Cate Blanchett’s face. She’s holding back her derision, can you see it? Amazing.

Attached – Gallery of the Absurd’s hilarious tribute to the crazy fans of the Brange. And also her most recent masterpiece inspired by Angelina Earth Mother. For more click “Brangelina” from her home page.