Dear Gossips,

I posted on Friday that women are expected to be the superstars of these Games. And so far, the women have been glorious. In its debut at the Olympics, Women’s Rugby Sevens has become a marquee sport and I love what Canada’s team captain Jen Kish said about the sport after winning the bronze medal. That they were in Rio to compete but also to share their love of their sport, put it on a world stage. Done.

And then there’s America’s Lilly King who put a finger up to Yulia Efimova at the pool and backed up her smack talk by touching the wall first to win gold in the 100m breaststroke last night. Men talk trash all the time in sport but women aren’t usually encouraged to “behave” that way – it’s not nice, it’s not elegant, and women should always be nice, always be elegant. Should they? Even when sh-t isn’t fair? Lilly King was like, no, f-ck that. And by the way, I’m the one.

A quick note about Efimova though? Efimova, from Russia, tested positive for meldonium earlier this year. Meldonium, does it sound familiar? Meldonium is also what Maria Sharapova, also Russian, was busted for. You know, the Maria Sharapova who is currently serving a suspension from tennis but is still enjoying the support of her sponsors and will speak at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston in October because, well, she’s an entrepreneurial inspiration. Maybe Lilly King’s finger needs to add that event to her post-Olympic victory tour.

But today’s open belongs to Brasil’s Rafaela Silva, Child of the City of God, who brought home her country’s first gold of these games in judo, four years after the lowest point in her life and her career, four years after being called a “monkey in a cage” because she made a mistake in her match. Rafaela earned her achievement but she shares it with her community

“I’ve always insisted on pursuing my dreams. If I can set an example to the kids in the City of God, it’s to follow theirs.” 

Yours in gossip,