Breaking Bad is back on August 11. And this is it – the end. They released a new poster and it is ominous, with just a tag line and a fair bit of smoke.

So what does it mean? We can talk about the symbolism forever, from the obvious (meth is smoked) to the abstract (Walt has been playing with fire, and now everything will be burned). In the video version (yes, the poster has a video), the smoke looks like it’s coming up from a burner, or maybe a pipe.

Over the run of the show, many characters have met a violent end, and the consequences of those deaths have been shouldered by Walt and even more so by Jesse. If the tag line is any indication, there will be no open-ended finale, no last minute redemption of Walter White or a quick fix for the utter chaos he’s created. There is a sense of finality in this poster. And what’s more final than death?

August 11, you have two months to catch up or if you haven’t (and why haven’t you?!), start from the beginning.

EW also featured Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on one of their summer TV covers, and although the accompanying article isn’t posted, there won’t be much for spoilers – we will be sweating it out till the final very last minute. It’s an amazing thing when a team of writers can build life-and-death suspense for the lead character on a popular series; we have to believe Walt’s life is in mortal danger, but also deep down know that he won’t die.

Aaron has been tweeting cryptic phrases like “The end is near” and “Who will live? Who will die?” This gives me an inkling of hope that some characters are spared. Is it pathetic that I’m still hoping Jesse is one of them?

Oh and if you have a minute, watch this: Samuel L. Jackson is the one who knocks: