I’d not seen the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly this morning when I received the following email from Duana. NB - Duana has not read Twilight.

From: Duana
To: Elaine
Subject: wait, sorry…

Is “Renesmee” a PORTMANTEAU?

Hilarious, right?

For many reasons but after laughing at Duana’s voice in my head sneering out those words, it became even funnier to me the garden variety Twi-Hard even knowing the definition of the word Portmanteau.

Anyway, my response to her was:

“Yes. The mothers, Renee and Esme.”

And her reply:

“For F-CK’s sake.”

Duana, of course, is a name snob. Click here for a refresher on that. As a screenwriter she spends a lot of time on baby name websites. And that’s what prompted today’s inquiry. According to Duana:

(Renesmee) was on a baby name site. Like people are considering it as a real name. SERIOUSLY. If there's a rise in Anastasia, I think I want to quit the earth.

Anyway, here’s the new cover of Entertainment Weekly and the unveiling of “Renesmee”. Many of you have been emailing me to elaborate on the final scene of the movie as I’d written about it during shooting schedules last year. Something about something Kristen Stewart says in the article about the final Twilight movie due out in November and a very special ending …? Obviously I haven’t seen the movie but here’s a SPOILER ALERT for those of you interested in specifics about what the last scene looked like according to the screenplay they were shooting with:

Bella and Edward in the meadow making out. She says she wants to “try something”. There’s a mind trick that happens and Edward gets to read her thoughts and see her memories of the following: the first time she saw his face; first time they kissed; prom dancing; all the way up to the proposal; then wedding, then honeymoon…

B: Now you know no one ever loved anyone as much as I love you.

E: I know of one exception. (Kiss) Show me again.

B: We have plenty of time.

E: Forever

B: Forever

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