The title of Helen Fielding’s new Bridget Jones novel Mad About The Boy was revealed in May – click here for a refresher. They’ve just released the book jacket. As you can see, along with a pair of stilettos, Bridge is surrounded by a toy giraffe, dinosaur, and a teddy bear.

So… the suggestion is obvious then, non?

Bridget and a baby?

Well, of course.

Motherhood is our global obsession. It’s like it was just invented or something. And who better than Bridget Jones to take motherhood narcissism to a whole new level? Will Bridget be a victim of the judgy moms-to-be at the birthing class? Will Bridge get tangled up in the dressing room while trying on nursing bras, only to run into Daniel Cleaver and his new girlfriend, also expectant? Will she overshare about stretch marks and flatulence on Twitter? There is world of possibilities.

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy comes out in October .