Bridget by Emma: a solid start

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Bridget Jones’s Baby premiered in London this weekend. So far, the reviews have been pretty decent with several top critics giving it a solid recommendation score, including Catherine Bray at Variety who writes that “Bridget Jones’s Baby is not a comedy for the ages, but it’s interesting to see a rom-com starring a middle-aged woman grappling with irrelevance in the workplace”. There. I mean I was going to see it anyway but that’s the line that’s now hooked me. THIS is where I’m excited to find the heart in the movie. And I realised only recently that that should have been obvious because… Emma Thompson.

Emma came to The Social for an interview a couple of weeks ago. She is the F-CKING BEST. She was candid. She was fun. She was wild. She was the F-CKING BEST. And she spoke proudly about being a feminist, about demanding equal pay, about why she’s not afraid to speak up. Emma worked on the screenplay for Bridget Jones’s Baby and so my point is, it’s hard to imagine she would add her words and put a name to a project that undermined her position.

Check her out, looking amazing in her red pantsuit (cuffed hem!) with her daughter last night, being the party, as usual. Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. She IS the party. I wish you could have seen her backstage at The Social after our segment and how she reacted when she saw Tristan Thompson and his boys. Kathleen and I were beside ourselves with joy. Emma basically entered herself into their green room and turned it into a photo shoot while her daughter Gaia, 16, took pictures. Part of the amazingness was watching Gaia watch her mother do her thing like she was the parent, half amused, half over it, and all proud. They have a lovely, lovely bond that’s evident even to those who meet them for the first time.

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