Hollywood is awash with media savvy famewhores these days. Leading the pack Jessica Biel of course and newly emerged is Katherine Heigl and now Bridget Moynahan has joined the fray - tearing at the heartstrings of the MiniVan Majority to secure herself a professional foothold as a an attractive single mother and working actress hanging on to, yes would you believe it?, a development deal with ABC.

She and Larry Birkhead would be perfect together.

So here’s brilliant Bridge on the cover of the new OK Magazine, agreeing to a photo shoot but declining to be interviewed, knowing she needn’t have to be to make this headline a reality:

Life Without Daddy

Implications: Dear MiniVan Majority, Tom Brady is a dickhead, supermodels are dangerous and will steal your men, please give Bridget a career.

Shameless. Love it.