So Bridget Moynahan had her baby. Tom Brady was apparently at the hospital but not permitted inside for the birth. Word is he did spend some time with the boy before being told his mother wanted to limit his involvement. And despite telling teammates and even announcing on the field during a pre-season NFL game last week that the child had been christened with his own last name, Bridget’s publicist made it very clear this week that motherhood has not tamed Bridget’s bitch. John Edward Thomas Moynahan – you will note the only acknowledgement to his father is the middle name, and the 2nd middle name at that. Even worse – as pointed out by a very astute reader the other day whose name escapes me, I’m so sorry!!! – the baby’s initials spell: J.E.T.

If you’re from New York, or if you follow the NFL, you can probably hear it now: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. An AFC East legendary rivalry… coincidence or conspiracy? Well played, Bridge. Well played.

Even Mary Louise Parker was more generous than that, naming her kid after Billy Crudup (William Atticus Parker) and a first name too! But this is not a Claire Danes situation. Tom Brady did not leave Bridget for Bundchen – sources on both sides have made that clear. Like any woman however Bridget was pissed not only because he found love again so soon and with someone who looks like Gisele no less but also because he spent little to no time with her during her pregnancy while clearly falling deeper into commitment with one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Of course…it had to sting, non?

And since I’m a petty unforgiving bitter bitch too, I’d totally do the same thing. I’d totally take it out on the dude through my kid and mother-block access. It is absolutely the best revenge, the most satisfying kind of revenge. Revenge is everything! The best interests of the child are nothing! Hurt him where it hurts the most 100%, the child won’t need a father anyway, right? I totally approve! Bridge is making bitches proud!

Having said that, getting shut out of his son’s life doesn’t appear to have deterred Tom’s ardour. He and Gisele remain close and cuddly, see attached via

If Tom really wants to see his kid though, I’d keep sightings like this to a minimum. Bet you Bridge is now seething.