I don’t like Brie Larson’s snoozy column dress. I also didn’t like her makeup. I actually find she has kind of a funny face in that it’s a bit anonymous. She can disappear all of a sudden and almost be unrecognizable. Probably a great skill for an actress, not my favourite on a night like this.

But Brie Larson is in my good books for a good long while. Probably forever. Because when she realized she was going to have to present the statuette to Casey Affleck for Manchester By The SeaCasey Affleck who has easily and consistently dodged multiple allegations of sexual harassment and/or assault from people within the business, she did not bow to pressure.

She did her job, don’t get me wrong. She handed him the statue. But you can hear her say a flat ‘congratulations’, and she doesn’t hug him or give any pretense that she’ll allow any thank you cheek kiss. She does the bare minimum and she gets out of there. Twitter reminds me that she hugged each and every victim of sexual assault at the Oscars last year, so Brie Larson is consistent, and she has integrity.


What’s most interesting about that is, as we know, you don’t win the Oscar without playing the game. You probably have to make nice with a lot of people you’d rather not, to get where you want to go. You don’t get there if you don’t want it – but I appreciate seeing that there’s a hard limit to how much she will do. Dresses, by comparison, can be taught.