Hard to believe – that Britney Spears, once a major recording artist who could sell out arenas has to resort to this: financing her own video shoots and dropping demo CDs off to media outlets like some kind of a wannabe/hopeful looking for her first big break.

Pretty pathetic, non?

And I’m not sure enough column space was devoted to that. The fact that she actually paid for production of her video last week – the significance of which is HUGE. Most artists don’t have to pay for a damn thing. NOTHING. But the fact that she is shelling out her own cash for her new record? It’s a bad bad bad sign, y’all.

And it’s also a bad bad bad sign that manila envelopes are being delivered to TMZ offices labeled with black marker containing a random CD. Not confirmed yet if it is indeed Britney’s song but seriously… think of Justin Timberlake, arguably the most successful recording artist at the moment. Would this ever happen to Justin Timberlake???

Falling apart at a photo shoot, faced with the prospect of losing her children, not to mention more money, to that sleaze she married, and estranged from her family and her advisors, Britney now has to resort to self marketing and promotion. And given her severe intellectual limits, is there any doubt that that will be a disaster too?

Who can save Britney? Who???

To listen to the song presumed to be her latest, click here.