New details emerging about Britney’s frantic flight from Miami to LA just before she lost her sh-t and shaved her head.


Turns out she flew commercial, the flight was full, no first class available. The gate had closed and she was informed that she could not get on the plane, at which point she nearly broke down. Thankfully the attendant radioed the pilot, in disbelief at first, who then gave the OK to let her on.

Don’t get me started on the special treatment angle, ok? I can’t. I will lose my mind.

But the most significant part is how Britney pleaded her case:

”I"ve got to get on this plane to get home to my kids.”

Apparently getting home to her kids constituted going from airport to a random hair salon and buzzing off her weave and THEN visiting a tattoo parlour for 2 more pieces of body art.

Sigh. Sadness.

And smut too.

If you put it all together, there are clues.

So she was without her children. She was also presumably without a large entourage. Meaning the children had to be taken back to LA by others at some point, leaving her alone for rehab? In Antigua? Where she checked out after one day?

So she goes to rehab, flips out because she’s not ready, and rushes home to see her kids…at which point whatever’s ailing her rages back, she goes on a tear, and then returns home only to resurface 24 hours later at the Mondrian and the Roxy.

Honestly… I wish I could bitch slap her but I can’t. I just feel sorry. And truth be told, I am pulling for her. Britney has that quality… I can’t explain it. No matter how badly she f&cks up, no matter how much fun we have making fun of her, at the heart of it there is affection. You don’t want her to … you know… like… perish, or anything right? Britney just doesn’t inspire full on HATRED. Paris on the other hand inspires full on hatred. Admit it…if Paris was experiencing the same thing, well I’m already going to hell so I’ll just say it – we wouldn’t care. We might even, even though it’s not “Christian”, we might even welcome it.

But not Britney. I love Britney. I want to believe in Britney. To me, Britney will always be this girl.

Though hope is frail…it’s hard to kill…

Sing it Whitney, sing it Mariah, sing it for Britney…