There is an excuse for everything. And I’ve made them all for Britney. But there is no excuse for legally bitch slapping your mother under no extenuating circumstances. And so, in order to avoid some serious feng shui sh-t laid out on my own Chinese ass… it’s done y’all. It’s done with this chicken-fried moron. Done.

Apparently still harbouring a grudge for colluding with her ex husband to get her ass into rehab, to say nothing of Lynne’s comments to Us Weekly recently, Britney Spears is attempting to cut her mother out of her life and was photographed and filmed yesterday handing her mother what was originally presumed to be a restraining order.

It has since been confirmed that the document was NOT a restraining order but a letter from Britney’s attorney asking her to stay away from the children if she’s popping pills.

Now that’s some cold low classy.

Only Dina Lohan deserves that kind of cold low classy. The kind of cold low classy that will make the heavens rumble. An expression in Chinese:

Hit your mother, Father Thunder will kick your ass.

Karma Calamity is coming…worse than we’ve seen yet. Look out.