Whichever side you may be on, nothing says Low Classy like wishing your mother well through the pappies.

Lynne Spears getting bitchslapped by her daughter Britney who supposedly has been leaking information about their feud through the team of photographers following her around, telling anyone who will listen that she was forced into rehab by a mother who refused to acknowledge her post partum issues, choosing instead to send her into treatment for addictions she says she never had.

As such, Britney is thrusting her legal team onto her family and releasing rumours of her own – that her mother is a pillpopper and shouldn’t be around her children.

To compound the problem, Britney this weekend, when asked about her relationship with Lynne, told reporters that:

"I"m praying for her right now. [I hope] she gets all the help she needs.”

I’m telling you…Father Thunder will beat her budget ass. As you can see, Karma Face and Karma Skin has already been installed. Look out for worse…