Wild, boozy evenings in NYC, looking worse than ever, stripping down to her skivvies just because, and so drunk off her skank ass she vomited all over her car… things can apparently always get worse. Which is actually kinda surprising. Not because there’s anything redeemable here but did you ever thing dumb Britney could be so strong-willed? Against the protests of her parents and her management and her record label and anyone else with half a brain, Britney Spears can’t stop and won’t stop. Britney Spears is telling everyone to f&ck off, to the detriment of herself and her children but my point is – I honestly thought she was too f&cking stupid to do whatever the hell she wanted. Me. Wrong. Still stupid…but also stubborn. Lethal combination. And where the hell is her mother? My mother would have won an Oscar by now with the kind of dramatic performance people talk about for years. She would park herself outside Britney’s hotel room, prostrate before her daughter, holding those two babies, screaming their eyes out. She would say: Look at Mammy. Mammy is begging you. Mammy is kneeling for you. Mammy says please Blitley…please Blitley save yourself, do it for your sons. Do it for your Mammy. So calling Lynne Spears…are you out there? Or have you given up on #1 and put your future hopes on child #2?