Fresh text message I received yesterday from a source in LA: "notice how she"s looking better? With the lipstick and everything? She denies but she is totally in to this guy, not to have an affair but it"s something fun, like a crush at work. We are all pretty excited because Kevin is really mad." The "guy" in question is apparently some music producer who has been photographed on a couple of occasions with La Brit, even going so far as to strap on the Bjorn which, as we all know, is a helluva lot more than what that KF*cker is capable of. As I hear it, she"s like a girl who has developed a new distraction, something that gets her up in the morning. And this is accounting for her marginally improved appearance. Look - don"t knock the red lips, ok? Everything in life is relative. Next to Cate Blanchett, Britney is without a doubt human vermin. But next to what she"s looked like for the better part of two years? Needless to say, the new crimson Brit is a sight to behold. And word is, Kevin is NOT happy about it. So whatever or whoever is inspiring this gradual rebirth needs to stick around. Because this is hope, gossips. This is a legitimate sign of hope.