So she walks around with no panties. And when she does wear panties, we can see ‘em. And she’s partying and she’s drinking and everyone’s going bananas about her getting out of control and last night she went to get a new tattoo, with her sister along for the ride, at what’s been described as a seedy parlour, and on and on goes the criticism… Because you expected her turn in to Mandy Moore? Please. If you ask me, everything about Britney is all relative. So she’s wearing lacy dresses, so she goes out every night, and she dances on tables, and she’s kissing strange men. So what? Think of it this way… She IS back in the studio. And she does seem to be staying away from Paris. And most importantly, she LEFT that blowhole Kevin Federline AFTER signing a pre-nup. Remember – you can’t turn trash into class. And even Dumbledore couldn’t make gold from sh-t. So let’s just be happy with small mercies, savvy? Source