So as mentioned above, Gimme More the video was supposed to drop today. However, I can tell you exclusively that the premiere has been delayed by her label. Not because it sucks but because it can and will sell.

The song is already #1 on iTunes which is why my sources say her label has astutely decided to offer the video exclusively on iTunes beginning Friday, with broadcast rights not beginning until next Monday.

Amazing, init? That while her life continues to spiral out of control, her bank account miraculously continues to grow at the same rate. Tragedy, apparently, is lucrative.

Here’s Britney at the weekend running out of gas wearing short shorts and pink Uggs and still the stinkiest weave. Does she look like she’s lost a bit of weight?

From exercise? Hardly. Us Weekly says it’s asthma inhalers and probably a combination of other toxic items with some greasy wings on the side.

Chicken Fried Forever.