Britney was pulled over for speeding this weekend. Cops gave her a warning and let her go. Made headline news…

More interesting is all the buzz about a comeback performance at a small venue – the House of Blues in the next week or so – for which she’s supposedly been working her ass off. Still only speculation at this point, will keep you posted.

And yet another reason she’s been so motivated of late: a man of course. Howie Day, he says he’s a musician, they hooked up at Promises, went out for dinner on Saturday. As you can see, she does look happy – without a lot of makeup, skin is holding up, legs tighter than ever, and yes…those boots. The only boots, as many of you have pointed out and criticised in your emails, but seriously… in the grand scheme of things, when you consider the bare crotch or padding around barefoot in public restrooms or wearing fishnet leotards with ladders up and down the sides – I’m thinkin’ repeat footwear is the least of her problems, non?

Remember, with Britney it’s all about keeping the expectations low. And really…why would you bother applying high standards, or even standard standards to a girl who, no matter how much I love her, will never ever leave the trailer park? Waste of time, don’t you think?