Britney Spears continues her holiday with Jason Trawick and today’s photos feature Fried Chicken in a green bikini after yesterday’s yellow one, its owner wrapped around her boyfriend in the water, the happiest she’s looked in a long time. I guess it’s not hard to be happy in Hawaii. Having said that, Hawaii is not my first choice, not even my second or third choice as a hot weather destination. The golf is probably spectacular, true.

But Hawaii, you see, has no casinos.

As for holiday swimwear – how many do you bring for, say, 7 days away? I see some women on my trips and every day it’s a different suit. Totally get it when it comes to, like, regular clothes, you don’t want to go out two nights in a row in the same things, of course, but does that apply to a bikini? Do you judge bikini recylcling the way you judge dress recylcing? I don’t. More than 2 on a trip seems like a pain in the ass.

Goddamn Britney’s ass. That’s juice.

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