F*ck she’s ugly here, isn’t she? Last night, out for dinner, followed by a trip to the club of course, looking like total stinkin’ raunch but at the same time, illustrating a pretty good point. Three days ago people bought it hook, line, and sinker courtesy the bottom ranking Life & Style that she was in rehab in Arizona. Clearly not rehab, just luxury pampering…and only 2 days at that because she was likely itching to get back on the scene. Interesting outfit choice though – sexy/conservative just in time for an image makeover - but if it didn’t work for Jessica Alba, why in ass would it work for Britney? Personally, I’d much rather see her in a crotchless pair of chaps than have to put up with nasty shots of her trying to mash her country fried grease onto an otherwise classy ensemble. Maybe it’s just me. And still…in spite of it all, in spite of everything, Britney is like crack and cigarettes for me. I can’t get enough. More importantly, I do believe. As does Larry Rudolph who, in a new interview with USA today insists his client is on the road back to business. Good business. And while he admits that some of her activities of late are absolutely indefensible, he also believes she’ll come back huge, revealing that Britney has described her recent woes as a “rocky moment” and noting that our girl is contrite and committed to overcoming the setbacks. About this “rocky moment” quote though – most are reading the word “rocky” only as an adjective, interchangeable in this case with “rough moment” or “low times”. However, I wonder if she was cheekily referring to having a Rocky Balboa moment - against the ropes or halfway through a countdown on the mat but inevitably capable, like the Italian Stallion, of finding a spirited, ultimately victorious wind. You think? Wait. Never mind. It’s Britney Spears. She’s really not that clever, is she? X17