The last time she visited with Dave it was to announce her second pregnancy and if you recall, she pulled the surprise move to thwart KFed from selling the story and other details about their private lives to the tabloids - a not-so-subtle message that she was done with his hustle and that it was time to snap back in line. Which he did. If only for a while. But now of course he’s pimping his sh-tty new album. And he’s off to Vegas alone every weekend. And he’s “touring”. And he’s apparently becoming a wrestler with the WWE. In other words, he is everything BUT. Last week, I reported that Britney was getting tired of his play – with a new body and a new attitude, she’s been speaking up about his inadequacies, to the point where Kevin is now on the defensive, as illustrated in an interview with USA Today in which he repeatedly reminded himself and everyone reading that Britney is “his wife”. Cut to NYC. Britney is rumoured to be left in tears after KFed stood her up at her hotel, and then noticeably absent, even though she was in the same city, for all of his recent performances followed by this surprise visit with Dave and the Cheeto haze begins to clear – BritBrit is sending another message via Letterman: I’m on my way back. WITH or WITHOUT you. And so she is. Have a look at some of the screen caps, have a look at the video here, have a look at her in a much more polished ensemble on her way to her car – a vast, vast improvement, non? The arms and legs say it all. The tone is coming back, the shape is coming back, sure sure, she could have used a bra perhaps for her Late Show visit, and doing something with those nails wouldn’t have hurt either but let’s not bitch, gossips. It is a time for brief celebration and the beginning of a long, long fight. Vermin is hard to kill. Vermin will cling. Vermin will rage to very last breath. The Vermin Kevin will not release without a bloody battle. Pray Goddess she will battle back. Source and Source