TMZ is reporting that Britney and Kevin will reunite to make a statement debunking the existence of a sex tape, despite recent rumours to the contrary. Still waiting for the official wording but do you smell what I smell? Looks like that festering growth she used to call her husband has cashed in again – and yes, at the risk of having y’all accuse me of conspiracy mongering, I DO think she settled, I DO think she bought his silence, and I DO think he’ll continue threatening her with sh-t like this until he bleeds what he needs outta her bank account. Which is why I think she should just let it come out and deal with it head on. We’ve all watched enough mafia/crime/ thrillers to know that blackmail never ends. Blackmail begets more blackmail, sewer rats like Kevin won’t go away once they get a nibble, and next thing you know, she"ll have to write him more cheques for the tell all book and the photos and the appearance on Jerry Springer. Besides, at 25, are you telling me she can’t overcome a sex tape scandal? Britney Spears? If she can live through and survive Kevin Federline, she can survive ANYthing gossips…so yeah, if you ask me, the clamp is a dumbass idea. I’d much rather see Britney suffer a 6 month backlash than see Kevin silenced with money… You? TMZ