We were close, gossips. We were very, very close. But in the ongoing Battle for Britney, Kevin Federline has won again - for now. In a major coup for NBC, Matt Lauer scored an interview with the emotionally fragile Britney in which she reveals that her marriage is more than strong and that the intense scrutiny on her private life and her mothering skills is the bane of her existence. Quite a turnaround for someone who hasn"t been seen publicly with her husband in 2 months, non? So here"s the smutty question: what"s really going on? It"s simple, y"all. After watching Dean McDermott rock the golddiggery, Kfed put his game face back on to refocus his attention on the money. And, as we all know, it doesn"t take much to sweet talk his way back into her good books and her good bed. Quite an impressive adversary, this Federline f&cker. Because he might be dirty but he"s certainly not dumb. She, on the other hand, is dirty AND dumb. That, my friends, is a lethal and expensive combination. Click here to see a preview of the interview. But be warned. She looks like complete and total ass!