Have you seen this??? Taken during the inaugural summer of Federline love, while Britney still had a cute body and a loyal fanbase, it is a heartbreaking glimpse into the reverberating void that is her brain, and also illustrates perfectly why home videos are a publicist"s worst nightmare. Can you believe that once upon time, Britney Spears was hailed as the heir to Madonna in every respect? Mediocre talent supported by brilliant packaging and even more brilliant business sense? Don’t lie. Way back, when America"s pop princess was the top of the mountain, you believed it too. In fact, her jaw dropping stupidity was not a subject of debate until the Vegas marriage incident, regarded by most as the beginning of the end, and finally slamdunk evidence that no, Britney was not and would never be as smart as Madge. EV-ER. But it still took us years to figure it out, y"all. And THAT is the power of a well devised media strategy. A media strategy that has since been shot to sh*t, replaced by the cold hard truth: Britney is as dumb as it gets. However, as I always say - fashion not function. Which is why I"m so happy to see Britney looking lovelier by the day, with her baby and her mamma, still rockin" the black locks, skin totally clear, better than she"s been in many, many months. Now if I remember correctly, she also got progressively cuter through her first pregnancy too. Except of course last year she was blonde. And a Kabbalist. With no boo boos. Though her little boo boo is really undeniably cute, non? Thank Goddess he was spared his father"s buggy, too far apart eyes. I know you know exactly what I mean. And yes, I"ll see you in hell.