Where to begin? How about the cover of the new Us Weekly - Janice Min’s clever team is calling it a “dangerous” new friendship, openly questioning the effect of it on her children. And then there are the reports of missed recording sessions…according to the UK Daily Mail, Britney was expected in Miami this week working with Pharrell Williams – I don’t need to tell you what a big deal that is, more often than not, that man has a platinum touch and it would do wonders for her comeback. Apparently Pharrell feels slighted and while it’s not known whether or not things have been rescheduled, suffice to say, you don’t piss on the patience of one of music’s most powerful titans. Then of course there’s the Billboard situation. B & P were supposed to co-host, Us Weekly is now reporting exclusively that Brit has dropped out, although Paris is still in negotiations, no reason was given for the Spears’ cancellation. Word is the two were planning a Vegas celebration for her birthday anyway and would have stayed through the weekend. However, my sources tell me Britney is bailing because one of her BooBoos is sick, has in fact been sick since last weekend, which is why they didn’t end up in Miami as initially believed. Nothing serious, a cold I’m told, but it hasn’t improved, Mama Lynne laid down the law, travels are now temporarily on hold…at least they are today. Might want to wait on standby for that one. And a very random rumour – hard to believe but amusing as all hell. Some gossips are buzzing about a phone call from Madonna during which her Madgesty told Britney to stay away from Paris, chill the f&ck out and get her sh-t together. Probably not true…but don’t you wish it were? Finally…a quote from Paris herself, about her new lamb: “I love her. She is the sweetest girl I know. She’s so down-to-earth. I just want her to smile and be happy.” You will note however that this was given PRIOR to the Billboard pullout. Stay tuned…Smutty sense tingling all over this one. Us Weekly and Source