Speaking of clean…check out Britney Spears, refreshingly pulled together and delightfully pregnant, in New York to promote her fragrance which, in spite of her white trash descent and Federline contamination, appears to be making solid sales. Nice to know her fans are loyal. Bodes well for career longevity - when or if she pulls her head outta her ass and ditches the deadbeat. As for the latest Page 6 report about her putting him on an allowance? Nah. I"m not celebrating quite yet. Because something tells me we still have quite a few shame layers to cut through before this girl finally wakes up and smells the embarassment. For her sake, I hope it happens before her womb gets overworked. After all, fertility is a commodity across all cultures, non? And it will do her very, very well in marriage #2. Photo from Perez Hilton