Am about to gloat. If you can’t stand it, skip to the next paragraph for the latest on the OK Magazine situation.

As I first reported exclusively last Friday, details of Britney’s disastrous cover shoot for OK Magazine have been corroborated by TMZ almost word for word confirming that the photos are pretty much unusable and that Britney was a filthy mess on location, repeating details from my original article about picking up dog sh-t with a Chanel dress.

Now an update on the situation: as posted yesterday, the magazine was in an awkward bind, unsure of whether or not stick themselves up her drugged ass and run a positive story or to actually blaze a trail and expose her for what she is. Many who witnessed Britney’s meltdown actually feel sorry for her. At one point, when her assistant had run to pick something up, she was sitting alone, no one to speak to, and ended up conversing with her dog – in baby talk of course. One source described it as, “it’s hard to hate someone so pathetic. She’s not a bitch at heart or anything…she’s just f&cking sad.”

Still no word on what OK has decided. Should find out by late today. Keep you posted.