I know some of you are tired of the Britney/Paris/Lilo trainwreck. But many of you, me included, are not and even though you’ve all seen the vajayjay, even though the photos are plenty, if you have haven’t already, you really do need to take 15 minutes out of your day and check out the video collection on X17 – honestly, I can’t enough. It’s fascinating to me…to see the three of them move around, to see Paris almost covetous in her protective talents, with a distinct dykey vibe as she manages and mentors Britney through pappy central, opening doors, tucking her in, holding her back, holding her hand – I’m telling you, it’s oddly erotic. And don’t rag on me for saying this, not by any stretch a unique assertion, but over the 3 last three smut-filled days, it is Paris who has emerged with the least amount of scuzz…which I suppose is like comparing sh-t to diarrhea – sorry for the crass, had to be said. Surprising? Absolutely. When we first saw them a week ago in Vegas, Britney was still glowing from her post-Fed renewal, Paris greedily basking in the Spears’ spotlight. But in a short 7 days, after the continuous cooch attack, not to mention Lilo smacked out and babbling incoherently about her bruises, Paris Hilton seems rather harmless, non? Regardless…like I said before, it’s the most delicious footage, especially BritBrit’s trailer park stumble. Love, love, love. And check out Lilo’s mea culpa too…last night, escorted by Elliot Mintz, commanded by Paris to clear the air, Lindsay sheepishly retracted what she said the night before, blaming the media for creating conflict between two otherwise kindred spirits. Can you believe it’s only Monday? And that Britney’s birthday is on Saturday (thanks Kara for pointing out my messed up date calculations!)? Which means another 6 days of wall to wall partying? Halcyon days of smut have returned…the Goddess is good. Click here for the X17 library…enjoy!