Maybe a tad too Sally Fields for my liking but hey, the hair is washed, there doesn’t seem to be anything growing on her face, and the diseased fungus she married is nowhere to be seen. What’s not to love? And it seems like the good news is coming in droves. Because according to Britney herself, she’s not pregnant, she’s actually, in her words, "just fat". And I’ll take fat over another Federspawn any day of the week. Besides, limiting it to one moneychild makes it much easier for La Spears to extricate herself from the shameless parasite draining her bank account. Now if we can get her to take her head out of her ass, salvation could be forthcoming. Let’s send that punk to trashier pastures. After all, isn’t it about time Paris Hilton found someone new to graze on her lice infested cooch?