By now you’ve heard she’s made the cover –a lengthy expose on what went wrong. The article is better than what you’ll find in People, Us Weekly, In Touch – all of them. It’s well researched, with quotes from legitimate NAMED sources… and while many of you may be sympathising with Spears of late, considering the constant daily updates from the TMZ psych ward (is there such thing as patient confidentiality anymore?), the Rolling Stones portrait is part neutral but also very critical – of her management team, of the media, of society, but especially of Lynne and Jamie’s relentless exploitation of their children, and above all judgment of Britney herself, asserting that she has been complicit in what’s become of her, hell bent on proving to the world that she is not the angel she was sold to be.

The language too, for a major publication, is particularly incendiary. Consider this quote:

(Britney) is an inbred swamp thing who chain-smokes, doesn’t do her nails, tells reporters to “eat it, snort it, lick it, f-ck it” and screams at people who want pictures for their little sisters.

Inbred swamp thing!?!?!

I’m going to hell already so I can say it – I couldn’t help but snort.

eTalk has the exclusive Canadian rights to the story and it will air tonight on the show at 7pm. Access Hollywood as the exclusive US rights and will also run something tonight which means I can’t reveal until tomorrow that little Justin Timberlake detail that has everyone buzzing…

I can tell you it’s not as gross as the New York Daily News made it out to be. What it is is a scathing indictment on child stardom and a definitive piece on the devastating consequences that can result from parental pimpage – an epidemic that appears to be ravaging America as fame-hungry mothers and fathers are hell bent on finding some commercial or some reality tv show that will turn their babies into stars and them, by extension, into millionaires.

More details tomorrow.

eTalk tonight at 7pm.

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