You know Pip ain’t my thing. And he’ll never be my thing. But if there’s one occasion where I’m willing to concede he might almost be a man, I’d say it’s the first half of his video for What Goes Around Comes Around with Scarlett Johansson. Not particularly imaginative visually or conceptually but seriously, when she’s on the screen – you really don’t care. At least not in the first half. And surprisingly, their chemistry is pretty hot. But then again, Scarlett Johansson makes anyone hot. She sizzles, she saunters, she sticks out her chest, she licks and he licks back and they get wet in the pool and it’s the first time I’ve seen him kissing and because he’s kissing HER it’s actually kinda horny and when he says he loves her and she’s the one, shockingly enough, I didn’t want to throw up. At least not in the first half. Because the first half doesn’t suck ass. The second half however – total garbage. Particularly when he tries to act like he’s all mad. Key word here is “tries”. Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept since Wednesday but at that moment, when he grabs her and pleads with torture – WHY????? It’s supposed to be heartwrenching but all I could do was laugh. Out loud. And cringe a little too. That squeamish thing, when you’re embarrassed for another person – you know the feeling? That’s how you will feel. He’s alright when he’s chill and cool, but the minute an attempt at intensity comes along? Forget it. Ryan Gosling he is not. And then there’s the car chase. I can’t. I can’t even talk about the car chase. The car chase is for a 14 year old who doesn’t know classic from contrived. The car chase in an insult to originality. The car chase is pretty disappointing…especially for an artist like Justin. I’ve never ever questioned his talent, he undoubtedly has more than any of his peers, which is why the ending is so ass. It’s an ending from a Britney Spears video. That’s all. Click here for the video. Source