She’s a disaster…and I cannot get enough! Still intent on changing public perception about her marriage, Britney sat down for an interview and a photoshop/photosession with OK Magazine to dish on booboos and marriage and even how she “keeps fit” during pregnancy. Say whaaaa? Now I am by no means a fan of anorexia but come on…when was the last time you’d describe Britney has “fit”??? Seriously, y’all…are we sure she hasn’t been lobotomized? See for yourself. Here are a couple of my favourite passages from the article: OK: What are you doing to keep fit? B: I laugh a lot, sleep a lot, take at least three 30-minute walks each day and chase my son around. I get prenatal massages, and my arms are getting toned by picking up Sean Preston all the time. I will say for mothers out there who are pregnant, it’s important not to let themselves go. (!!!???!!!!???!!!) Sleep when you can. Get up and walk and have good people around and good friends. Stuff like that. OK: Were you surprised how quickly you became pregnant after Sean Preston? B: Yes, very surprised, but I was excited! I was a little scared at first because I was shocked because it was so soon. I was like, It’s okay - I love booboos! (!!!???!!!???!!!) OK: What did he (Kevin) say to you (when he found out you were pregnant)? B: He was like, Whatever you want to do, baby! He’s like, I’m excited for you! Let’s just go for it. Let me just repeat that part: B: He was like, Whatever you want to do, baby! He’s like, I’m excited for you! Let’s just go for it. What does “I’m excited for you” mean? What does it mean when a husband says to a wife who is expecting HIS child that he’s “excited” for HER??? I don’t get it. Is that normal? If I got pregnant (Goddess hope NEVER), is this what my husband is going to say to me? That’s he’s excited for ME? Is that f&cked up? Or is it just me? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I don’t have the right to open my big Chinese mouth because I’ve never had a baby. But still – would I be considered a high maintenance wife if I expected him to be happy and excited for US? Am I too demanding? Maybe I’m too demanding. Maybe I should be more like Britney. Maybe my husband should quit his job and focus on smoking cigarettes and donating sperm all day long. Then maybe I wouldn’t be such a miserable bitch. I’ll propose it tomorrow night over dinner. Will let you know how that goes. In the meantime, check out the new raven-haired Mrs. Federline, taking a break from taking her naps, clearly on one of her 3 daily 30 minute walks. Surprisingly she actually looks pretty decent. Much less white trash. And that’s the danger of blonde, you know? When it’s not done right, the low classy consequences are just that much greater.