Just one of Britney’s many trips to Starbucks this weekend – I think this is from Friday night… I’ve now lost track. As you can see however, Britney looks remarkably more lean, the result no doubt not of hard ass cardio or workouts at the gym but of lipo dissolving shots that are apparently working…but for how long? Especially since she hasn’t modified her diet or her unhealthy habits?

As per routine, Britney also spent much of the weekend at the Four Seasons. What she does there is a mystery, although the drug deal speculation is continuing to mount, which can’t be good for the hotel’s reputation. How much longer before Chicken Fried isn’t welcome? And does she steal from the gift shoppe?

Paps caught her on camera the other day scamming a lighter from a convenience store then muttering sarcastically on video that she “stole it! oh mah gawd!”. A photographer ended up paying for her afterwards as Chicken Fried Stupid continues to walk around with a sense of entitlement larger than the Queen.

Photos from Wenn