Friday on The Social, we were talking about past halftime memories and we were each asked to pick one. Mine, obviously, was from 2001. Britney. ‘N SNYC. Aerosmith.

I still watch it every year, sometimes twice a year. Thank you, You Tube.

God, she had “it” then, didn’t she? The Britney Stomp was never more powerful. And the way she looked in those f-cking pants…

Britney had people freaking out last night when made a surprise appearance in commercial during the Super Bowl last night. She looked REALLY good. Sounded pretty good too:

And then everyone was like…


Just a prelude, it turns out. To a longer ad later on.

For a minute there it was promising though. Especially since she reunited with Steven Tyler during the game:




Britney was in Phoenix with Charlie Ebersol. I wonder if she talks about it with him. I wonder if she remembers. How she used to dominate a stage.