New reports about last week. Apparently Lynne found Britney passed out in the middle of the day Wednesday, completely off her sh-t, prompting her to make a drastic move, threatening to take away the babies unless Britney checked into rehab. So off she went to Antigua for a day but as you all know she bailed quickly and flew right back to LA. Upon Britney’s return, Lynne then tore a strip off her ass - a huge scrap over the phone after which Britney dashed out and shaved off her head.


Lynne’s arrival the following day didn’t change much.

The Mondrian Hotel – we know she was there; turns out she couldn’t afford to be. She showed up on Saturday in a blue wig and asked for a room, they declined her. Britney Spears …. DECLINED. Because she had no cash or credit, only a scrap piece of paper with random numbers written on it that was supposed to be part of an AMEX number.


And it gets worse.

She’s rejected, she starts moaning that “Nobody wants me anymore” and is so wretched that a group of tourists eventually took pity on her and invited her up to their room. After a short time, they brought her back to the gift shoppe where she tried on several bikinis. Unable to make up her mind, she then headed to the pool to shave her legs. Then fatigue set in so she sat on a chair in the hotel restaurant for a few minutes before asking again for a room again. Again they refused her. So she asked for a car instead. They refused that too.

More tears – Nobody wants me, nobody wants me – and eventually she stumbled out of there 3 hours after initial arrival.

Holy. Sh-t.

The Shame.

Many of you have written, many to say it’s a cry for help, others blasting Britney for attempting to wrench headlines away from someone else by any means necessary which is actually giving her a lot of credit, implying that she’s actually capable of making a deliberate decision about anything, that she actually has the capacity still to be calculating about her actions.

F*cked up, messed up, doped up, dirty, nasty, dumb –all appropriate adjectives.

But calculating? In her drug addicted state?

Call me Cruise but I don’t think so.

She’s a junkie gossips. The only thing she’s calculating is her next fix.



Still I hope.