Us Weekly is pulling no punches. This week’s issue includes details of how she mothers her sons: so much juice in a bottle that SPF already has dental problems, asked a dentist to whiten his teeth, taking over a home she was interested in buying, then leaving it filthy with food scattered about and dog droppings all over the floor, overall providing an unsafe and unsanitary environment to which her kids are exposed every day she has custody, and prompting obvious concern about the children’s wellbeing and about her state of mind. Nothing new on that front.

More interestingly though, Us is citing sources who’ve spent time in the Spears’ household. So…who’s the leak?

Is it Alli Sims, her cousin and now aspiring pop star? Or her mother in an attempt to strongarm her daughter? Or a former bodyguard? Rumour has it, all of the above. Supposedly they’re trying to save her, as all efforts so far have been spurned. And last time, just before she entered Promises, it was the threat of losing her children that finally made the difference.

Chicken fried trash played out in public. I can"t look away just yet...can you?