Can you believe it? Britney Spears actually showed up for her deposition today! She’s with KFed’s lawyers right now.

Could Sam Lutfi actually be a positive influence? Snort.

Photos attached – Chicken Fried Dog Abuser clutching a hapless pup last night. As the age old question: whether or not she’s sad smut…not that he’s the most compassionate man on earth but even Simon Cowell. At the start, Simon believed she was a vulnerable soul… and now:

“Everyone thinks it"s breakdown this and breakdown that. From the kind of stunts she’s pulling now, I think she is the puppet master and completely in control. I really felt for her at one point, I thought she was heading for a meltdown and everything was out of control, but — especially over the past week — I thought she was honestly in control and, more to the point, wants to be in control. You don’t walk into a church surrounded by the media the day you’re supposed to be in court fighting for your kids just so that you’ve got another picture unless you are totally aware of what you are doing and in my opinion Britney is.”


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