Britney Spears is being sued by some former bodyguard for rubbing herself in front of him or some sh-t. Sexual harassment and being a bad mother. She says it’s bullsh-t. KFed believes her. And, to be honest, not that I can’t see Chicken Fried getting frisky with an audience – after all I reported on her doing the same once at a photo shoot – this dude sounds sketch. After all, he took his case to the media before the courts. I mean please.

This is why the Fried Chicken doesn’t seem worried. Fresh off her Hawaiian holiday with boyfriend Jason Trawick, Britney was spotted out and about yesterday all smiles. In fact, I wonder if she even knows. I can imagine they keep her in the dark a lot, make her life as uncomplicated as possible, not overload her simple brain with more thoughts than necessary. Doesn’t sound like a bad existence.

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