To drive again!

Oh the dramatics whenever she was behind the wheel. Needless to say, when her father took control, he also banned her from driving. There’s a sad moment in For The Record when they haul her out to the middle of nowhere and she’s like where y’all takin’ me? and everyone’s in on the surprise and it turns out they brought her to some remote stretch of road where her car was waiting for her and she just drove and drove and drove and was “allowed to be free” again. Totally broke my heart, although I hate driving and would much rather be driven around for the rest of my life than do it myself but then again, it’s all about the choice.

Looks like another piece of Britney’s recovery has fallen into place. She was seen yesterday driving herself to rehearsal. According to the paps, Britney was auditioning dancers for the upcoming tour…and a new choreographer?


It was supposed to be Wade Robson, non?

Perhaps those photographers are talking out their ass. As late as last week, Wade had confirmed he was responsible for choreography and set design and also, possibly, a Madonna cameo.

Keep you posted.

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