Britney Spears is in Hawaii with her man Jason Trawick. Jason Trawick’s body > Jensen Ackles’s body. Right??? I like ‘em lean. Fried Chicken managed to clean up her weave in time for the holiday, or maybe that’s because we can’t see it from the back.

Britney is relaxing after a productive week – she shot for Glee and she’s been working in studio on a new album. She was also recently booted off top Twitter spot by Lady Gaga with whom she says she’d like to collaborate. I just saw Gaga in concert last night. Lady Gaga is many things. And one of those things is that she’s so Present. It’s the awareness of an artist that, right now, is totally in control. Not exactly how I’d describe Chicken Fried Sinkhole.

It’s exactly however how I’d describe Beyonce too. Which is why Telephone worked so well. A little fact I love to drop, because Duana and Michelle bring it up often: Beyonce and Britney were born in the same year, just three months apart. Trippy, non? I think it’s trippy.

Beysus turns 29 next week, is currently also on holiday with Jay-Z in the South of France, wearing her year and beautiful in grey purple Ray-Bans, seemingly unconcerned about the lawsuit.

What lawsuit?

The House of deSh-t is being sued by an Icelandic brand for ripping off some leggings – click here for more information. So not only are her mother’s clothes ugly, they’re also stolen? The leggings in question were sold at Topshop. B went to buy a pair, then launched a very similar style under the Sh-t House label shortly after.

Look, my ma has assy clothes taste too but I’m not letting her dress me. Or branding myself in her sartorial assyness. Cut that sh-t off.

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