In love. Again. Too easy. Too often.

Just last week it was reported that Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol are dating. She confirmed it on Instagram this weekend, posting this photo:



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Yesterday she posted another shot:



This guy... 😎

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That’s it. She wants to move in with him now. Under supervision, obviously. The Daily Mail had a big exclusive today about how Britney and Charlie hooked up. Supposedly he pitched her dad Jamie a reality show about her being a philanthropist and during those discussions, somehow Jamie thought Charlie and Britney would be a good fit and, well, Britney…

For Britney, whose company is so restricted, you put a guy of a certain age around her and, there it is, she’s in love. She’s just so devastatingly hungry for it. And sometimes I worry/wonder if they – Team Spears – use love literally like a drug for her, to keep her focused, in line, well-behaved.

So she has dad’s approval, and Charlie seems into it too, and another reason why they work is that…

They’re the same height? Like …height is a criteria when they’re matching-making for her?

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